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Thanks to my training and experience in electrical engineering, as a musician, artist and composer, I can now pass this broad knowledge, as a sound engineer on to my customers. Many works have been created over the years and projects and events where been successful.

Here is a brief overview of current and past projects:

Louis Steins: New Ballett Piece, .......
- Sound Design
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Opera Zurich: Lucia di Lammermoor
- Sound engineering, development and setup of a remote orchestra broadcast system
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Ballett Zurich: Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern by Ch.Spuck / H.Lachenman
- Sound Engineering, Project-Management
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Christian Spuck: Ballett Orlando, Bolschoi Ballett Moskow
- Recording, Mixing, Sound-Design
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Swiss children and folk songs album "Us Grosis Liederbuech"
- Complete production. Project management, recording, mixing, mastering, creation
of graphics
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and as musician, composer with the Band
UBERBALLS on the road...
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